Outside the telephone box

The outside of the kiosk was restored to its original condition and new shelving and display boards erected inside, between February and April 2011 when, after growing pressure from local residents, the local Parish Council decided to overturn their initial decision to reject the BT offer of purchase (noting that ownership has to be with such a group, rather than individual residents). The cost of the purchase from BT was 1, as with any kiosk under the BT scheme.

The kiosk is therefore, owned by the Parish Council, but is maintained by residents of the village. In particular: Peter Power, Adam Collins, John Readhead, Dr Ed Newman, Sara Hall and Angela Trend. The support given by Jim Mitchell of the NFNPA is greatly appreciated. All donations in return for vegetables etc. from the kiosk go to the Emery Down village church: Christ Church (see below).

Link to Emery Down Parish and Church: http://www.lyndhurstparishcouncil.org.uk/Local-Information/Worship/Worship/Christ-Church-Church-of-England-Church.htm